Native Instrument (Shelter Press) Lo-fi bug beats, field recording and voice adaptation with Stine Javin Motland


Photo: Camilla Blake (Berlin Atonal, 16)

Solo – SourceAustralia native animal sound archive.

Hand-built mini Speaker – In order to mimic and explore how insects’ amplify their call through contact with the membrane of flora, I play back animal sound through a simple hand built mechanism – Coil, magnet, tiny amp and resonating displaced and found objects.


To be realeased in the future as an ‘assemblage kit’ edition though Attilla Faraelli’s Aural tools

Prepared (bird recording) records



AnimalNacht (2012- 2016)

Liz Allbee Trumpets Olaf Hochherz Synthesizer Ute Wassermann Voice and Birdwhistles
Felicity Mangan Field recordings

A project of four artists exploring the mimesis and play back of animal sounds through voice, instrument, computer music and field recordings. AnimalNacht explores the unknown area of human, animalistic and computer sounds in various spatial and acoustic situations. Trumpet & conch, voice  & birdcalls, computer  and field recordings create various sound hybrids.

Fake Field Recordings (2010-11)

A cut-up of recordings of animals, blurred with computer generated birds and frogs, crickets. The computer looses its technologicalism and the animals get denaturalised.


Olaf Hochherz and Felicity Mangan

The secretaries(2011- 2013)

WJM, JD Zazie and Felicity Mangan – found sounds, electronics.

A band formed in 2011 in Berlin. The Secretaries bring together three strong personalities to explore new musical directions and forms. Works are composed and performed through the reproduction of recorded material whose manipulation acquires a new meaning in a game of tensions and balances, interweaving and setting of concrete sounds, environmental field recordings, rhythms, impulses, noises, and mistakes.