Stereo’frog’ic is a play of the word stereophonic – to play with the illusion of multi-direction audible perspective – in this case presenting a quasi-bioacoustic sound piece, crafted from found recordings of frogs, insects, a recording of an animal scattering in the bushes and other ‘vocal’ animals wavering about in the stereo field.

*Also presented as Quadra’frog’ic in a quasi-quadraphonic performance installation setup, with a stereo sound system and piezo transducer speakers attached to found objects.

Review in A Closer Listen

Native Instrument (2015 -2019) (Shelter Press / Entr’acte) Lo-fi bug beats, field recording and voice adaptation with Stine Javin Joh.

Trophic Verses

Founded by Finish media artist Teemu Lehmusruusu – ‘Tropic Verses is an artistic exploration into the life and phenomena in and around of Earth’s body of soil.’

Commission and micro residency summer ’18 at Qvidja, southern Finland.

Premiered at the Kiilanäänipätiät festival in Finland, summer 2019.

Live performance at OMH, Berlin featuring material from the Trophicverses project:

Plants and Animalia (C.E.S vs. Felicity Mangan) (2017-19)

Christina Ertl-Shirley vs Felicity Mangan – Labor sonor 23.10.17 from Felicity Mangan on Vimeo.