All music is produced with the sounds or imitation of animals; often played with other artists and producers whose work features concepts of the same nature.

Native Instrument (Shelter Press) Lo-fi bug beats, field recording and voice adaptation with Stine Javin Motland


Photo: Camilla Blake (Berlin Atonal, 16)

Hand-built mini Speaker – In order to mimic and explore how insects’ amplify their call through contact with the membrane of flora, I play back animal sound through a simple hand built mechanism – Coil, magnet, tiny amp and resonating displaced and found objects.

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Link to video

To be realeased in the future as an ‘assemblage kit’ edition though Attilla Faraelli’s Aural tools

Christina Ertl-Shirley vs. Felicity Mangan

mimic insects

Christina Ertl-Shirley works with sound produced by plants, received by plants, transformed and generated by plants. For performance the plants are hooked up to self-made electronics. The unique timber of each plants modulates the frequencies of the plants. While Felicity works with found animal sounds, modifying their characteristics through applying digital effects.

Christina Ertl-Shirley vs Felicity Mangan – Labor sonor 23.10.17 from Felicity Mangan on Vimeo.

Prepared (bird recording) records