All music is produced with the sounds or imitation of animals; often played with other artists and producers whose work features concepts of the same nature.

Native Instrument (Shelter Press) Lo-fi bug beats, field recording and voice adaptation with Stine Javin Motland


Photo: Camilla Blake (Berlin Atonal, 16)

Hand-built mini Speaker – In order to mimic and explore how insects’ amplify their call through contact with the membrane of flora, I play back animal sound through a simple hand built mechanism – Coil, magnet, tiny amp and resonating displaced and found objects.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 14.49.56

Link to video

To be realeased in the future as an ‘assemblage kit’ edition though Attilla Faraelli’s Aural tools

Chrsintina Ertl-Shirley vs. Felicity Mangan (plants and animals)  

mimic insects

Christina Ertl-Shirley works with sound produced by plants, received by plants, transformed and generated by plants. For performance the plants are hooked up to self-made electronics. The unique timber of each plants modulates the frequencies of the plants. While Felicity works with found animal sounds, modifying their characteristics through applying digital effects.

Prepared (bird recording) records