Hexadeca’frog’ic, a sound piece commissioned and developed for a sound installation in Cashmere Radio’s garden in Berlin-Lichtenberg, as part of the “Passage: Radio Garden” program, hosted by Lukas Grundmann.

Hexadeca’frog’ic features a mix of newly recorded field recordings made in gardens and wetland biotopes around Berlin, during the recent lockdown period. The piece builds upon Mangan’s previous work Stereo’frog’ic (Longforms Editions), a play on the word stereophonic, a sound piece crafted from found Australian wildlife recordings of frogs, insects and other ‘vocal’ animals wavering about in a stereo field. This time the piece is a play on the word Hexadecaphonic as the piece is made for 16 channel installed within an urban garden habitat.

Hexadeca’frog’ic was captured in binaural audio and broadcasted live, featuring a dense background soundscape of the urban surroundings: neighbour’s kids playing in the backyard, barking dogs, airplanes, electromagnetic interferences, phone notifications, bird calls, slamming car doors, flying insects, Berlin’s S-Bahn glissandi and many more. Listening via headphones is recommended to spot them all.





Live performance for exhibition closing of Power Cage – Expeimenal Aquarium (2019) State Studio Berlin – Inspired by self-taught natural scientist Jeanne Villepreux-Power (1794-1971), pioneer of the aquarium. Curated by Burorix. Photos were taken by Mirium Otte