Work and projects that were presented either online or as sound installations during the pandemic restrictions.

Sonic Acts – Night Air – Soil Samples

Soil Samples gathered artists and researchers on Saturday 24 April for an evening of performances, presentations and discussions that addressed the topic of soil and its geopolitical, colonial, and bodily entanglements. The panel was made up of sound artist Felicity Mangan, researcher and ‘tiny miner’ Martin Howse, biogeochemist and critical ecologist Kunal Palawat working in tandem with visual artist Dorsey Kaufmann.

Hexadeca’frog’ic, a sound piece commissioned and developed for a sound installation in Cashmere Radio’s garden in Berlin-Lichtenberg, as part of the “Passage: Radio Garden” program, hosted by Lukas Grundmann.

Hexadeca’frog’ic features a mix of newly recorded field recordings made in gardens and wetland biotopes around Berlin, during the recent lockdown period. The piece builds upon Mangan’s previous work Stereo’frog’ic (Longforms Editions), a play on the word stereophonic, a sound piece crafted from found Australian wildlife recordings of frogs, insects and other ‘vocal’ animals wavering about in a stereo field. This time the piece is a play on the word Hexadecaphonic as the piece is made for 16 channel installed within an urban garden habitat.

Hexadeca’frog’ic was captured in binaural audio and broadcasted live, featuring a dense background soundscape of the urban surroundings: neighbour’s kids playing in the backyard, barking dogs, airplanes, electromagnetic interferences, phone notifications, bird calls, slamming car doors, flying insects, Berlin’s S-Bahn glissandi and many more. Listening via headphones is recommended to spot them all.


Acting as an online residency opportunity for sound artists worldwide, this interactive platform provides a sonic adventure. Combining an experimental artistic approach with an elegant and simple web architecture, it is dedicated to rivers and their sounds. Thin lines and calming colours reflect a sense of intimacy with nature. The web special features archives of sounds of rivers from across Europe recorded by sound artists and allows users to listen to them virtually, in an engaging gamified way. Users can control the sound by moving the cursor over the grid of the respective river, whereby each motion of the cursor brings forth a new sound from a particular segment of the river.

(Source: https://www.red-dot.org/de/project/riversssounds-54971)