Hexadeca’frog’ic, a sound piece commissioned and developed for a sound installation in Cashmere Radio’s garden in Berlin-Lichtenberg, as part of the “Passage: Radio Garden” program, hosted by Lukas Grundmann.

Hexadeca’frog’ic features a mix of newly recorded field recordings made in gardens and wetland biotopes around Berlin, during the recent lockdown period. The piece builds upon Mangan’s previous work Stereo’frog’ic (Longforms Editions), a play on the word stereophonic, a sound piece crafted from found Australian wildlife recordings of frogs, insects and other ‘vocal’ animals wavering about in a stereo field. This time the piece is a play on the word Hexadecaphonic as the piece is made for 16 channel installed within an urban garden habitat.

Hexadeca’frog’ic was captured in binaural audio and broadcasted live, featuring a dense background soundscape of the urban surroundings: neighbour’s kids playing in the backyard, barking dogs, airplanes, electromagnetic interferences, phone notifications, bird calls, slamming car doors, flying insects, Berlin’s S-Bahn glissandi and many more. Listening via headphones is recommended to spot them all.

Trophic Verses (2018 – 2021)

Founded by Finish media artist Teemu Lehmusruusu – ‘Tropic Verses an artistic exploration into the life and phenomena in and around of Earth’s body of soil. The project spans a period of nearly four years and has commenced in summer 2018. Each year the project manifests in different kinds of artistic and curatorial practices, and launches new collaborations with other art, research and environmental initiatives.’

Commission and micro-residency summer ’18 at Qvidja, southern Finland. Premiered at the Kiilanäänipätiät festival in Finland, summer 2019.

Live performance at OMH, Berlin featuring material from the Trophicverses project:

soil project

Photo: Teemu Lehmusruusu – A meteorological machine measuring co2 and other gas admitting and entering soil. Photo taken on site at Qvidja.
dirt speaker

Piezo transducer and found garden object loudspeaker for garden performance/installation


Live performance for exhibition closing of Power Cage – Expeimenal Aquarium (2019) State Studio Berlin – Inspired by self-taught natural scientist Jeanne Villepreux-Power (1794-1971), pioneer of the aquarium. Curated by Burorix. Photos were taken by Mirium Otte